Myself Dr. Pratap Nirbhay Singh a research scholar in Philosophy and Education.

Still trying to find out the mysteries inherited in this life.

My another blog link is : www.inserviceofmotherindia.blogspot.com

You can get some information on Mother India here.


  1. vahishi sharma says:

    sir i wanna to know who were aryans whether they were indians or came to india from central asia as mostly described in history books

    • Dear visitor,
      Still after half century of our independence many things we the youths are not aware of our national heritage and cultural assets.
      Our Education system and political administration is under doubt to tell real past of India. Inspite of all these many have laid their markable effort in this field. For more detail you can visit my another blog http://www.inserviceofmotherindia.blogspot.com.
      Some links are given in it on the scrolling down the right hand side, Which may be helpful to u.
      Central Asia (Russia) was a part of aryavarta and quoted in texts as Rishi Pradesh. The Indian Cultural map was very wide with regard to the present political map.
      Thanks for Visiting my blog.

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